Wine Review App.

This concept design was for Radpublic, a wine communication company, to enable the users to search wine reviews on a tablet computer. It was important the graphic style was targeted toward the emerging younger wine market while still remaining sophisticated.

The home screen for Radpublics’ wine review app features a wall of wines. Each wine has a tile on which a bottle shot features. From this screen the user can browse all wines by scrolling vertically or horizontally.

As tiles move off the screen, they are randomly shuffled and inserted into a queue waiting to re-enter on the opposite side. The idea is to create a sense of an endless library of wine to browse, even though the data base of wine reviews maybe relatively small. This solution is also scalable.

As the user browsers the endless wall of wine they can tap on any of the wine tiles to open a pop over. The popover presents a larger image of the wine plus all the details relating to that wine, including the review and score.

In-amongst the wine tiles are navigation tiles that allow the user to explore the wine reviews via region, variety, or a search function. There is also a favorites list that can be curated by the user. As these navigation tiles move off screen, they re-entre the screen, on the opposite side, at a random location but unlike wine tiles they re-entre instantly, jumping the queue of wine tiles waiting to re-enter the screen.

Below is a user flow for the process of finding a wine by region.