One of the tasks I have completed for the Altvin project has been the identity and branding of the company. It was necessary to signal strength and security in the design of the Altvin logo. We were a fresh company with an immature product trying to gain trust and credibility within the well established wine industry of Australia. I wanted the logo to be modern and beautiful while still appealing to a more old school perception of strength and security.

Because of the dynamic nature of a start up software business it was necessary for the design to be versatile and adaptable to change. It was for this reason that I wanted the use of the black and white versions of the logo wherever possible. I also pushed to have the white version of the logo used over photography wherever possible.

This was for use outside of the software. In the software the logo was set on a dark background with the stroke of the outer square light blue. The Altvin brand and identity continues to evolve.